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A Three-Bachelor Cast Is In The Works


Three roses.

Ever since ABC announced that there would be two Bachelorettes in season 19, fans have been talking about whether there will be two Bachelor leads in season 27. Well, it looks like Australia has already beat America to it, and has actually one-upped the U.S. version of the show by having three lead bachelors.

According to News.com.au, in order to keep things fresh, the Australian version of “The Bachelor” has skipped right over the two-bachelor format and gone straight to three.  The outlet reports, “This year, we’ll follow Felix Von Hofe (27), Thomas Malucelli (35) and Jed McIntosh (25) on their quest to find ‘the one.’”

Von Hofe is a marketing manager who used to play professional basketball. He is looking for a woman who can make him laugh. Bachelor number two, Malucelli is “a former restaurant manager turned ‘fitness and life coach’, who hails from Florence in Italy.” The third Bachelor, McIntosh, “is a drummer and songwriter who looks suspiciously like Machine Gun Kelly,” the outlet suggests.

How’s This Going to Work?

ABC has had enough trouble trying to figure how to navigate two Bachelorettes at one time. Network 10, the channel that airs “The Bachelor Australia,” doesn’t seem to have it all figured out yet either. But they’re willing to go for it.

News.com.au explains that while there are still many twists and turns being kept under wraps, an unnamed source revealed that “the contestants will have an actual one-on-one date with the Bachelor before going to the mansion…Producers have been asking contestants to come up with the date idea themselves. Nothing is off-limits – they just ask that it shows off their personality.”

The outlet continues, “Apparently, no location around Australia was out of the question on these first dates, so there’s a good chance we’ll see our Bachelors jet-setting all over the place. It’s a chance for them to show the Bachelor who they are and what they’re all about and to see if they have a genuine connection or chemistry together.”

There is still a lot that remains up in the air, however. For example, when it comes to which Bachelors will date which contestants, there are no concrete answers as of yet. However, there is some speculation that the contestants might be asked choose their favorite Bachelor prior to coming to the mansion, the outlet reports.

Could This Work in America?

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ABC has not even decided if it can handle two leads at the moment. On a July 18 episode of “On Air with Ryan Seacrest,” Bachelor Nation host, Jesse Palmer was asked whether he thought a two-bachelor format was in the works. His response was, “maybe one day.”

Palmer didn’t give viewers much hope that it would be anytime soon with that response. The former football player elucidated, “I think they’re always trying to find new ways to kind of make it feel new and fresh, and as the season goes on, I’d be really curious to know what Bachelor Nation and people at home are thinking as they keep watching, and what our executives think as well. I think there’s definitely a chance we could see two Bachelors down the road.”

How far down that road that will be remains to be seen, but ABC may also be keeping an eye on the bold three-bachelor Australian attempt at livening things up to determine where they want to go with this idea.

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