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90 Day Fiance Star Blasted for ‘Tone Deaf’ Ukraine, Russia Joke


Ukrainian flags.

Two stars of the “90 Day Fiance” franchise are being slammed by fans after one posted a joke pertaining to the Ukrainian-Russian conflict.

A screenshot from Varya Malina’s Instagram stories with Natalie Mordovtseva was shared in a Reddit thread titled, “Oh Varya, please don’t” where fans took aim at the two women poking fun at the ongoing tensions between the two countries.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Called the Post ‘Tasteless’ & ‘Tone Deaf’ in Light of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

The screenshot showed the two women, one from Russia, the other from Ukraine sitting together smiling with the caption, “The Ukraine and Russia relations that work.”

The Reddit thread was posted shortly before Russia invaded Ukraine by bombing its neighboring country from land, air, and sea.

Some fans were just upset the pair were together, and others with the subject matter of the post.

“the duo we did not need,” someone wrote. “Together at last! Lazy Eye and Crazy Eye!” another fan said. 

“I see two awful people incapable of having a lasting relationship,” a fan commented.

“BIG yikes,” a fan said. “Once again she continues to amaze me with her stupidity,” a different person commented.

“Jesus Christ this is SO tone deaf,” a fan wrote. 

“Girl read the f****** room,” someone wrote. 

“Is everything that comes out of Varya’s mouth utterly stupid and senseless???” a fan commented. 

“As someone currently living in Poland, with a lot of terrified Ukrainian students, this is just shitty. I cannot believe how far my opinion of Varya has fallen,” a fan said.

“So tasteless. Wow,” someone wrote.

“Why is everything a joke to this woman? She should be deported back to Russia, better yet, to Ukraine. See if they find her lane attempt at jokes funny,” a fan said. 

One fan pointed out that Mordovtseva’s mother is still in Ukraine, which is currently under attack.

“Isn’t Natalie’s elderly mother still in Ukraine ?” a fan wrote. “Yes but why would she care? She’s too busy promoting herself on social media to give a crap,” a fan replied to the comment. 

“She’s a disgrace to Ukrainians, they all fight in Ukraine and protest all over the world, she sits on her high horse, doesn’t even post on social media. Might as well post cringey videos with fake Einstein quotes instead,” someone commented about Mordovtseva.

“What the hell is wrong with her? This is so insensitive,” someone wrote. “This is not something to joke about. Some of us have our family members over there and are worried. She’s tone deaf. Disliked her before but now I hate her.”

Varya Malina Says She’s ‘Ashamed to Be a Citizen of the Aggressor Country’ Following Russian Invasion of Ukraine

On February 24, 2022, Malina shared a black box on Instagram with a caption blasting the actions of a “bloodthirsty old coocoo man” for waging a “war.”

“I didn’t believe this till the very end, but the worst-case scenario came true,” she wrote on the Instagram post. “We, Russians, will be dealing with the consequences of today for a long time to come. I’m ashamed to be a citizen of the aggressor country. If one bloodthirsty old coocoo man wants to play soldiers, give him a computer game, don’t let him ruin peoples lives… Stop the war! Pray for Ukraine.

Mordovtseva hasn’t given a statement on Instagram about the invasion but has shared several Instagram Stories with memes and words to pray for Ukraine.

Heavy reached out to both Malina and Mordovtseva.

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